Echo Falls T

We call her Echo,

A beautiful Inschallah III mare with the famous lines of Nimmerdor from her dam.
An impressive horse with a very nice movement and great body strength. When you are riding her you feel that you have a horse under you. Although she is a handful and quite a madame to handle while riding ,her character is great. She has just a fear of making mistakes and needs to overcome this.
Georgia my friend is riding her regularly who has a great feel for dressage riding and is amazingly quiet in her riding that gives Echo the confidence which is  exactly what she needs.
Together they are making great progress and Georgia will take her to some dressage shows to see what she can do.
Although the intention was to jump her as you can see in some of her photo’s, she seems to have the talent to develop into a great Dressage horse.
A big thank you for what Georgia is doing with Echo and helping me to develop her into a great all round horse and maybe we will stick to dressage if that is what she would do best.

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